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Heartsease 🥀🤔: On Heartsease

Heartsease is ​Viola tricolor​, a common European wild flower also known as wild pansy.

D .H. Lawrence titled a collection of poems ​Pansies​, titled partly as a pun on the French word ​pensées​, translated as ​thoughts​.

The dictionary definition of heartsease is contentment and tranquility.

I’m going to use the word heartsease to classify a series of journal entries and blog posts.

My idea is to post frequently on any idea that is preoccupying or interesting me at the time, with an attempt to compose at least 100 words, however fragmentary those words may be. My aim is to develop the habit of making regular and longer posts.

🏷 Heartsease

Posted on Dec 8, 2022

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