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Bernstein Candide Read:

Welcome the Darkness Read:

Rewoke Malatesta’s dream Read:

Poem of the week: The Longest Song by Kei Miller Read:

The cult of maths has brainwashed our schools – and Rishi Sunak has fallen for it too | Simon Jenkins Read: …

Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for aubergine and silken tofu with tahini and crispy chilli spring onions | The new vegan Read: …

Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen Read:

Poem of the week: Poetry for Supper by RS Thomas Read:

Monthly Review | Marx’s Ecological Notebooks

Preserving The Music of Portuguese Fishermen | Bandcamp Daily Read:

The vision of Ralph Vaughan Williams - New Statesman Read:

Low: Hey What review – a magnificent redefinition of rock music | Low | The Guardian Read:

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Serious Money: Walking Plutocratic London review — how the super-rich live - New Statesman Read:

Muse’s Matt Bellamy: ‘I’ve got to an age where I’m not so titillated by disaster’ | Muse | The Guardian Read: …

Personal Knowledge Management is Bullshit ridwan.blogRead:

@manton If you’re looking for a theme out of the ordinary, based on a blog with cool extra features, have a look at Jan-Lukas Else’s blog. …

Thanks to @manton, now blocks search engine indexing of your profile. I already removed mine from Google and it now longer …

embedding Hypothesis as a commenting system on Hugo static sites spencergreenhalgh.comRead:

I checked website traffic stats and was pleased to see my first referrer of the day came from privacy search engine I actually …

🖋New pen day! This is the Gravitas Pocket Pen in copper, with a 1.1 stub nib (my first stub). Just gorgeous. Lovely birthday present from my …

@JohnPhilpin Sure the post is at Read:

My reply to the Charge of Westsplaining Eastern Europeans by Yanis Varoufakis Read:

Cavafy’s Bed Read:

How to Make the Perfect Aperol Spritz | Recipes | Aperol Spritz Read:

TS Eliot’s wife Vivienne died in an asylum. Steven Carroll decided to free her Read:

Your Website is Useless kiriska.comRead:

Beat Poet Elise Cowen’s Time-Traveling Love Letters to Emily Dickinson - Electric Literature electricliterature.comRead: …

‘Why don’t Jews play Jews?’ – David Baddiel on the row over Helen Mirren as Golda Meir | Movies | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

Armando Iannucci’s epic Covid poem: ‘It’s my emotional response to the past 18 months’ | Poetry | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

How did Welsh cricket fare in 2021? - BBC Sport

Sigmatropic – Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories (2003, CD) - Discogs discogs.comRead:

Handwriting my Website with a Digital Amanuensis

Drafts + podiboq.micro.blogRead: via AppleScript

Drummer: Blogging in Drummer docserver.scripting.comRead:

websit: "That's what makes me sad: Life is so different from books." mtwebsit.blogspot.comRead:

St Bridget, Llansantffraed - Beacons Benefice covering Cantref, Llanddetty, Llanfeugan, Llanfrynach, Llanhamlach and Llansantffraed Churches …

Physician writer - Wikipedia

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | South East Wales | Memorial to Labour founder Hardie

The Project Apollo Archive apolloarchive.comRead:

33 actions local authorities can take on climate change | Policy and insight policy.friendsoftheearth.ukRead:

For the last two months, I’ve been working on a Mac app to automatically import my blog posts into a Day One journal. I think it’s now in a …

@manton I'm just seeing the new dark mode now and it looks great! I apologize if this has already been addressed, but the colours …

Episode 3 of the Thinking About Tools For Thought podcast is now out – interview with Ken Smith, talking about Drummer software and other …

Damon Galgut: ‘The Booker pulls a nasty little trick on you’ | Damon Galgut | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Star Trek versus Imperialist Doctrine - Common Dreams & Project Syndicate - Yanis Varoufakis yanisvaroufakis.euRead:

Green Man: Wales' first big festival post-Covid is underway - Wales Online

Spiderland by Slint: the album that reinvented rock | Pop and rock | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

‘Saluton!’: the surprise return of Esperanto | Language | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

How to read more - Austin Kleon

In defence of Extinction Rebellion – Freedom News

PayPal says my mouse mat violates international sanctions | Online shopping | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

More means less: why a magnum of wine can be ideal for weeknights | Australian food and drink | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

At best, we’re on Earth for around 4,000 weeks – so why do we lose so much time to online distraction? | Books | The Guardian …

Edward William Godwin - Wikipedia

Jerry James Stone - YouTube

The official #Mastodon app for iOS is now on the App Store! Get it here:

Sea Change

The four fish I would still eat – even after watching Seaspiracy | Seafood | The Guardian

Lockdown reawakened my childhood love of chess. Now I can’t do anything else | Chess | The Guardian

Poem of the week: Sonnet from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning | Elizabeth Barrett Browning | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

Constantine Cavafy, "Comes to Rest" — Poetry Letters by Huck Gutman huckgutman.comRead:

Chess: Garry Kasparov loses in seven moves as comeback proves a disaster | Chess | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi: 'Can you spot which of us is the rock star?' | Electronic music | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

Differentiating online variations of the Commonplace Book: Digital Gardens, Wikis, Zettlekasten, Waste Books, Florilegia, and Second Brains …

Another Round review – the performance of a lifetime from Mads Mikkelsen | Drama films | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

Rachel Roddy’s A-Z of pasta | Food | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

I’m now tracking the books I’m reading in Italic Type in addition to Lots of potential to use their “book board” feature to take …

Building on the books API

‘The loss is incalculable’: descendants of the Tulsa massacre on what was stolen from them | Oklahoma | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

Tulsa race massacre at 100: an act of terrorism America tried to forget | US news | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Tokyo Neapolitan: The New Wave of Japanese Pizza - Eater eater.comRead:

Why I Think Epicurus Would Have Hated The “Tetrapharmakon” – NewEpicurean newepicurean.comRead:

the glade of theoric ornithic hermetica: Philip Lamantia -- The Collected Poems

No Digital Vaccine Bouncers | Electronic Frontier Foundation eff.orgRead:

Playing Away: a neglected gem with truths about race and politics | Cricket | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Graveyard Masonry: The Immortals andrewrickard.caRead:

Fig. 3: The list of PRB Immortals in Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood by William Holman Hunt. Waugh: “Preposterously …

Compulsory worship of national symbols is the sure sign of a culture in decline | Politics | The Guardian theguardian.comRead: …

Ryley Walker: 'Going two days sober was impossible since I was a kid' | Music | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Jazz audiences are always On the Road | Jazz | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Surfacing My Anti-Library zylstra.orgRead:

Kerouac's On the Road followed on the road via Google Maps | Jack Kerouac | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs: celebrating the Beats in Paris | Books | The Guardian

Misremembering Jack Kerouac | Jack Kerouac | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Britain’s moths decline by a third in 50 years, study finds | Insects | The Guardian

The Guardian view on moth-watching pleasure: the pest and the beauty | Insects | The Guardian theguardian.comRead:

Dalai Lama urges people to get Covid vaccine after having first dose | World news | The Guardian

RT Listen to this and if you want more please take the time to watch the whole talk by …

@herself gah, sorry, forgot to include the link :

@numericcitizen You can have subscribe to the Blot RSS feed so it posts when you update the blot site.

If you have access to Spotify or Deezer, check out this superb album with music from Cape Verde from the ‘70s and ‘80s. …

Inspired by this blog post yesterday, I had a go of my own making cheese buldak (aka Korean fire chicken). I believe the original recipe is …

I have discovered PowerPhotos from Fat Cat Software - The answer to my prayers for a number of features missing in Apple Photos, such as, …

You Can Now Send From an External Address in Hey chrishannah.meRead:

Who does Flickr? I use it as a storage location, but I admit I don’t have a community over there. Now I’ve ditched Instagram, I wish it had …

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