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My user account on Flickr is The Dim Pause.

I use Flickr to share mainly (although not exclusively) photographs that I’ve taken with ‘real’ cameras rather than those captured with my phone. I used to have thousands of phone photos indiscriminately uploaded and backed up to Flickr - they rapidly became unmanageable and unpresentable in any systematic way. I cleared the account and have started again. If I can restrict the number of photos I upload to Flickr I hope can keep them organised.

One aim of this approach is to try and revive my use of the many cameras I have lying around the house. None of this equipment was top of the range or anywhere near state of the art at the time it was purchased, and I think even the digital cameras are over ten years old. But I do still enjoy using them.

In addition to more recent photographs, some images there are scans of older photographs that pre-date my ownership of digital cameras. If I had a decent quality scanner - in particular a negative scanner - I would dedicate a lot more time to this pursuit.

I don’t want to make my use of Flickr conflict too much with my use of I will keep uploading images to my blog here - in this case, I think, concentrating mainly on photos taken with my phone. Photos will continue to appear on my timeline and Photos page and will probably outpace my Flickr usage simply because of the convenience (and because I really like using Sunlit).

In an ideal world I would like an automatic way to cross-post an occasional image from Flickr to That is, have a Flickr image uploaded to the server so that it appears in my timeline and natively on my blog, not just have a Flickr link or embedded image. Having this work via a feed from a specific Flickr album or using a service like IFTTT would be great. I know that I can manually upload the image to at around the same time as I put it on Flickr, but that’s duplication of effort and I’d rather have some sort of automation or shortcut.

At present I cannot see a way to achieve any of this automation, so in the meantime I intend to post links to at least some of my Flickr albums to my timeline as I create them.

Some of the albums I’ve made public on Flickr are:

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