Switched from France-England 🏉 rugby to Villa-Wolves ⚽️ football and seen two fantastic Villa goals to make it 3-1. Some compensation if the result stands!

France - England 🏉 second half exciting but ultimately disappointing. Far too many penalties given away. Deserved congratulations to Ireland as Six Nations champions!

Still think St. Austell Proper Job is one of the best bottled beers you can buy. 🍺

An authentic IPA brewed with Cornish spring water and a single malt made from Cornish grown Maris Otter Pale barley.

Disappointed in Scotland’s final passes, disappointed that Ireland got a bonus point, but Ireland deserved the win in the end - took control in the second half, too much pressure for Scotland. 🏉

After three days of almost continuous snow, now having heavy rain which is looking like it will make the snow disappear in about three hours…

Two great games of rugby 🏉 in the Six Nations today. Neither result went the way I would have liked, with England and Wales losing, but really enjoyed watching the games - not a dull moment in either!