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Trying a Labour Party Webinar

Last night I took part in a Labour Party video webinar with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Faiza Shaheen. Both were impressive speakers, coming across very well and appearing passionate and knowledgeable about the issues of the current election campaign.

Labour Webinar

There were around 3000 people taking part, using Zoom video conferencing software - it worked well.

The format was a half hour discussion by the two main panellists plus a couple of guests, a 15 minute presentation of some Labour Party campaigning software, then a short Q&A session with John and Faiza answering questions raised by participants. Text chat was enabled for all participants.

It was good to see a new way of electoral candidates presenting their ideas in a political campaign. I only had two criticisms - the Q&A session could have been longer and the chat needed some moderation (it was spammed sporadically by a few users).

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Posted on Nov 14, 2019

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