How sweet it is to sit and read the tales
Of mightiest poets and to hear the while
Sweet music, which when the attention fails
Fill the dim pause β€”

Gala - photography based social media

I’ve been trying out the photography based social media platform Gala. It was brought to my attention by @gr36 here on, in this conversation.

My username/profile there is (as expected!): thedimpause

I like the app they’re developing - although it does seem sluggish at times and I have experienced a few crashes whilst using it. Hopefully there’ll be a willingness and time allowed for improvement. It’s the style of app I wish Flickr had, a relatively simple photo browsing experience.

I don’t know yet whether the platform will succeed and prosper so I’m also publishing the photos I upload there to a Flickr album titled Gala. At the moment they’re mainly images from my archives which I’m revisiting with a little more post-processing.

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By Ian Mason

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