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St Elvan's Church, Aberdare

Visited the recently renovated St Elvan’s Church this morning. Very impressive, with the benefit of now having an good in-house coffee shop (just visible off to the right hand side in the first picture) serving very good coffee β˜•

Founded in 1852 and located in the heart of the town of Aberdare, in the picturesque Cynon Valley, St Elvan’s has recently undergone an extensive Β£2 million renovation, and has now reopened as a vibrant new space featuring concert and conference facilities, an exhibition gallery, meeting rooms, heritage tours, our in-house coffee shop “Spires” and of course as a continued active place of worship.

Church interior showing rows of seating and altar Exhibition of wedding dresses in a church Blue wedding dress in a glass cabinet Spiral steel stairway in a church Red Welsh dragon steel sculpture in a small conference room Church altar

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Posted on Feb 20, 2023

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