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Experimenting with the app 🐳

I’m still playing around with Beluga and I quite like the way it works.

I’m sharing my Beluga posts on AWS S3 storage at This is a url forwarding address because to achieve anything in AWS requires me to do a vast amount of fumbling around until I find something that works. I’m not confident or familiar with using it and still haven’t found the energy to find a way to set up a custom domain yet 😞

I’ve got the JSON feed from my Beluga site importing into my hosted domain and the posts look OK. The main downside is that images do not get imported into the site but are still hosted externally on AWS. I don’t think there’s a way to change that at the moment.

I did notice today was that a link posted to Beluga ends up with a link preview card on the Beluga static site - example here. This card has an image from the linked page which then also gets imported into my site - as here. I do like this but the image that appears is not necessarily predictable - I could end up with some unexpected images on my blog and on the timeline 🫒

One downside of the set up seems to be that photos uploaded via Beluga are quite compressed and do not seem to have the quality I get when uploading to via Mimi, MarsEdit or the web client. Fine for screenshots or casual snaps but not if I really care about the final appearance of the photo.

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