How sweet it is to sit and read the tales
Of mightiest poets and to hear the while
Sweet music, which when the attention fails
Fill the dim pause β€”

@ohBananaJoe Pleasantly yellow πŸ˜€ Also let me find you on Flickr, some great photos so far πŸ‘

@pratik Agreed! Annoyed me a number of times when I’ve been posting quickly and have forgotten to tap the icon πŸ˜€

@pcora Thank you!

@JMaxB πŸ˜€ So far the only complaint I've had is from my mother-in-law!

@odd πŸ‘ I had no real reason for doing it, just felt like a change...

@mbkriegh A dry, sunny day in autumn in Wales is always a welcome surprise πŸ˜‰

@warner It's great! I last went to Camden Lock over 25 years ago - it's changed a lot since then but I still love it!

@maique Yep, plenty to look at - I wish we had stayed for more than one night; there was a desk and comfortable chair right by that window πŸ™‚

@maique That sounds like a really good implementation. Would also like to see something like it on

@bsebesta I’m enjoying them, but not as much as the His Dark Materials novels. The first Book of Dust in particular (where Lyra is a baby) seemed a bit inconsequential, just filling in a bit of backstory. The second volume (set 20 years after the first) is a lot better so far - I’m about a third of the way through it and it is far more engaging. And of course I will read the final part of the trilogy when it’s published!

@dejus That all looks very weird and wonderful!

@rishabh And Allan Donald, Gary Kirsten and (slightly later) Jacques Kallis! πŸ˜€

@ArnoldHoogerwerf Definitely is πŸ‘

@jeremycherfas Is there something breaking the link? Works fine for me and the site is the Wordworth Trust, which should be reputable!

@TheDimPause Given up watching the rugby - sticking to cricket and pizza.

@jemostrom What game is that? Looks interesting!

@timapple I worked in a school which hosted the local education authority's music services storage - rooms full of instruments which were distributed to/from other schools in the area. One day they just seemed to decide to have a clear out, turned up with a rubbish container and started filling it. I hope that they were just getting rid of old instruments that were so worn and in a state that they really couldn't be repaired and used. I had no way of judging that, but it doesn't explain why all the instrument cases were trashed too...

@odd @josephaleo Good idea πŸ˜€

@timapple Made me sad too - and I had to watch the container get filled up more throughout the day 😞

@maique From the last time I was in Greece - nearly two and a half years ago now πŸ™

@pratik Pretty disappointing. I was hoping for a more exciting start to the tournament from them 😞

@JoeCotellese Yes, and they give a great live performance, full of humour and enthusiasm. I thoroughly recommend seeing them when they do visit!

@maique Thanks!

@amit That is a great summary of and guide to Drummer. Thank you!

@mpmilestogo Got a good excuse – it’s our silver wedding anniversary, there will be a few days of celebration 😊

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By Ian Mason

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