@hollyhoneychurch Pizzas were fantastic - will definitely try and revisit!

@toddgrotenhuis Afraid not, I just manually copy and paste from the tweet to a Micro.blog post so that there’s a record in my blog. Haven’t found a way to automate it yet :(

@toddgrotenhuis You’ve got me listening!

@mbkriegh I’ll have to re-watch it soon!

@odd It’s been our plan this year to leave as much of the garden as possible unmowed. It’s worked out really well and getting loads of wildflowers, including wild orchids. 🐝

@JMaxB That’s a bit harsh on my garden! 😉

@pimoore 👍 Perhaps I should have gone even more elaborate though 😀

@mbkriegh I’d love to know the connection … can’t think of anything that reminds me of the film!

@manton @vincent Great news! 👏

@HauntedRadiator Reality exceeding expectation for a change ;)

@devilgate Of course 😆

@BestofTimes I'm really impressed by it - I've listened to all 3 series. He's always got loads to say of interest and I like that he covers modern poets - a number of whom I hadn't previously heard of - as well as the more well-known mainstream 'classics'. Certainly inspired me to read more poetry and buy a couple of the poetry collections he's mentioned.

@BestofTimes Were you listening to Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast about Auden by any chance?

@manton Great! I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

@Munish I know, always a bit of a shame when a game gets to that stage - but nobody’s come up with a better alternative yet…

@andrewsio Definitely!

@ReaderJohn Think Jorginho’s run-up completely fooled him - he just slowed slightly until the keeper dived the wrong way. Takes some nerve!

@toddgrotenhuis Me too! Looking forward to seeing Italy in the final. Great game tonight.

@odd And I’m hoping for England-Italy :) ⚽️

@manton Looking forward to seeing more about this - I also use IFTTT to auto-post my Micro.blog entries to Day One but a manual export/import could easily be an improvement.

@keithpound Excellent photo - I was in the Tenby area when he was visiting South West Wales but never got a glimpse 🙁

@ReaderJohn Always a concern, but hopefully less so these days with a lighter ball that doesn’t absorb moisture. Physical stress a worry in a lot of sports.

@ArnoldHoogerwerf Best way to cook aubergines!

@toddgrotenhuis Good choice 😉

@AlanGMarz Thanks!