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Dipping my toes back into Dave Winer’s world by trying out Drummer.

I’m quite enjoying browsing through some of the Project Apollo Archive albums on Flickr. πŸ”—

Got to say @samgrover, Mimi is so good - I use it for most of my image uploads now, especially when I haven’t got a wi-fi connection. Even with a poor mobile data signal Mimi manages to upload where other apps fail!

I’ve just successfully exported 4453 posts from my hosted blog and imported them into a Day One journal using the macOS app.

The whole process took about 3 hours, most of which was taken up by the downloading of all the blog images.

The Day One journal entries look very good - much better than a lot of those I have been crossposting from to Day One using IFTTT. They would often lose some formatting and only import one image from multi-image posts.

I paused the Day One sync service during the import process - now I’m just dreading turning it back on. I know it’s going to take a very long time to upload all these posts and images to the Day One servers and while the process is underway my (already poor) broadband service is going to slow to a crawl.

Now I just need a way to incrementally export new posts from my blog to Day One. I’d rather not go through the process of exporting and importing thousands of posts each time!

Distracted from distraction by distraction

Gala - photography based social media

The official #Mastodon app for iOS is now on the App Store.

πŸ”— post

First impressions pretty good!

Launch, flight and touchdown of Blue Origin First Human Flight. Very impressive. Looking forward to seeing images captured from within the capsule. πŸš€

Watching the launch of Blue Origin First Human Flight πŸš€

My anniversary

Homescreening because I listened to today’s episode of Hemispheric Views // @HemisphericViews.

Two screens, first is all widget, everything else in App Library.


And for reference it’s an iPhone 8 with 162 apps installed. 😟 🀷 February Photoblogging Challenge Day 15: reflection β€” I still have my Power Macintosh G4 Mirrored Drive Door (2003). Hasn’t been powered up in a very long time though. ο£Ώ πŸ“·

Power Macintosh G4 Mirrored Drive Door

Been tinkering with @vincent’s Sublime Ads on my blog Works very nicely. πŸ‘

Watched: The Social Dilemma, 2020 - β˜…β˜…Β½ πŸŽ₯

The scramble for Edtech β€” just another data mining operation? πŸ”— β€” Excerpt: …students aren’t really the customers, they are the product.

Covid-19 surveillance tech explained: 6 ways governments are monitoring the virus – and you πŸ”— β€” Excerpt: Governments across the world face the same dilemma: how to contain the spread of Covid-19 while at the same time re-opening their shuttered societies. The stakes are immense. Open up too early and the death toll could sky-rocket, putting health systems under enormous strain.

Dark Sky Blog πŸ”— – Dark Sky has joined Apple.

Politics and social media

Good that I can still use my old iPod touch as a music player to some extent. Catalina syncs my music library with iOS 5.1.1 so long as tracks are ripped from CD, manually added audio files or purchased from iTunes. Tracks downloaded via Apple Music subscription do not sync.

Appointment at the Cardiff Apple Store Genius Bar this morning, first for several years. Bit of a wait but the issue (faulty iPad) was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Very impressed with this update to NewsBlur on iOS

Successfully installed Dialog app for onto a Kindle Fire tablet. Easier than I thought it would be! Used these instructions to get Google Play Store installed.

πŸ”– Don’t trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users