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  • Dร  Mhรฌle Seaweed Gin

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  • Big, Big, Big Red Wine

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  • Abergavenny Food Festival means Little Rumba

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  • The Great Gatsby

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  • Biltong and Cider

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  • Abergavenny Food Festival

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  • Early at Abergavenny Food Festival

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  • Calm, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean

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  • Hazy balcony sunset

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  • Rajah Rammohun Roy

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  • Father's Day

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  • Steyn bowling

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  • Lamphey Church

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  • Beach stroll

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  • Freshwater East

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  • Black & White

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  • Grey Trees

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  • Grey May Day

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  • Skeleton mosaic found in Turkey - "Be cheerful and live your life"

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    ๐Ÿ”– History Blog

  • Antarctic 100 Memorial

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  • Awaiting The Rite of Spring

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  • iPad carnage

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  • Ffresh Fish & Chips

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  • Garden visitor

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  • Retro-gaming

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  • Sparrows for breakfast?

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  • Lighthouse

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  • Musical Dinner II

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  • Musical Dinner I

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  • Looking back...

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  • Lonely beach photo

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  • Fishermen, Cape Verde

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  • Main square

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  • Santa Maria

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  • Mystery object

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  • Small beer

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  • Jaipur & a bacon butty

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  • Rainbow over Manchester Airport

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  • Misty Fernhill

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  • Cardiff Bay, March 2016

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  • Tabasco is great!

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  • Twickenham feeling like Wales...

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  • The Prince Blucher, Twickenham Green

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  • Espresso & Grappa

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  • Sunlight

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  • Photo Madness!

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  • "The frost has settled down upon the trees"

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  • Charging

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  • Melody Gardot in Cardiff

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  • Burnt Graffiti

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  • Too much music...

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  • Detail of the Picton memorial

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  • General Picton memorial, Carmarthen

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  • Tenby beach

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  • Books

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  • Tenby on a rainy day

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  • The outstanding Starsailor in Bristol last night

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  • Sun streaming in today

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  • I may be in the wrong place...

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  • Preparing for Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl

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  • Drinking like a fish

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  • Sunset over Iggy Pop at Milton Keynes Bowl

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  • Ready for King Crimson at St. David’s Hall

    King crimson

  • Green Man Festival #9 - The Drink

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  • Green Man Festival #8 - This is the Kit

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  • Green Man Festival #7 - Black YaYa

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  • Green Man Festival #6 - Tom Robinson

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  • Green Man Festival #5 - Darren Hanlon

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  • Green Man Festival #3 - Syd Arthur

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  • Green Man Festival #4 - Bombs

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  • Green Man Festival #2 - The Fall

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  • Green Man Festival #1 - Courtney Barnett, in silhouette

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  • Sleeping pillion

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  • Sunrise at Agios Nikolaos harbour

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  • A shed, a caravan and a small olive grove - what more could you want?

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  • View of Agios Nikolaos whilst walking to Stoupa this morning

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  • Agios Nikolaos at night

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  • Pantazi Beach

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  • Sunset at Agios Nikolaos

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  • Portishead with Thom Yorke at Latitude 2015

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  • Very good - Tom Robinson playing through a few songs pre-official slot

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  • Lake swimming at Latitude Festival

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  • Craft ale danger!

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  • Pellรฉas et Mรฉlisande / WNO

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  • Nearing the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain

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  • Browns Fish and Chips in Pembroke

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  • Cleddau Bridge II

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  • Cleddau Bridge

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  • Freshwater East

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  • Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir

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  • Reflections of Butty Bach

    Butty Bach

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  • Three Choirs Vineyard, near Newent

    Three Choirs Vineyard

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  • Sun-drying tomatoes in Ravello

  • Ravello - outside the location where D. H. Lawrence wrote some of Lady Chatterley’s Lover


  • Vesuvius crater #2

  • Vesuvius crater #1

  • View over Naples from Vesuvius

  • Tom having a little jig on the top of Vesuvius :)


  • In Herculaneum


  • Bronze herm of a homeowner, Herculaneum

  • Herculaneum

  • Memorial Arch, Pompeii

  • Navigating Pompeii


  • Vesuvius from Sant Agnello


  • First pizza in Italy!


  • …but #AutoAwesome doesn’t always get its panoramas quite right!

    lindos panorama

  • Today I discovered that Google’s #AutoAwesome creates its own panoramas…

    Tate and Globe

  • Two Spitfires overhead

    The Secret Garden Party

  • The Emerald City

    The Secret Garden Party

  • Quite like what Google’s #AutoAwesome has been doing to my photos - this one of Uplands, #Swansea …


  • Stations past and present

  • Aberdare Station

  • Michael Sobell Sports Centre, Aberdare

  • Quails' eggs #2

  • Quails' eggs

  • Avebury

  • Avebury stones

  • Chiswick from on high

    Morning view over Chiswick from Hammersmith Premier Inn #London

  • Arcade Fire

    Arcade Fire, Earl's Court, Saturday 7th June 2014

  • Cardiff Bay from the barrage

  • Old, worn out & faded

  • Aberdare skyline

  • Pwll Waun Cynon Nature Reserve

  • Elbow

    Elbow at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff on Tuesday 8th April 2014

  • Fog filling the Cynon Valley

  • Kachikally Crocodile Pools

    Bakau, #TheGambia

  • Clouds over Aberdare

  • Kachikally Crocodile Pool, The Gambia

    Crocodiles gambia


    Nests gambia

    #TheGambia #pressgram

  • High over North Africa

    High over North Africa

    High over africa

    Sunset en route to UK

  • Aberdare Station: Early morning coal train approaching


    Coal train aberdare

  • Coal train aberdare

    Early morning coal train approaching Aberdare Station

  • Towy

    River towy

    Sunset over the River Towy near Carmarthen

  • The Station: My favourite #pub in Sutton Coldfield #pressgram

    The station

  • The Station

    The station

    My favourite #pub in Sutton Coldfield #pressgram

  • Morning contrails: #sunrise #pressgram


  • Morning contrails


    #sunrise #pressgram

  • Cat by firelight

    Duffy firelight

  • Rusty Bridge

    Rusty bridge

    Rusty #Autumn in the Cynon Valley

  • KT Tunstall stage

    Kttunstall stage

    St. David’s Hall

  • Shiraz and KT Tunstall

    Shiraz tunstall

    KT Tunstall at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff tonight #Music

  • Paul and Tina at the Bunch of Grapes, Pontypridd

    Paul tina bunch

  • Arctic Monkeys

    Arctic monkeys

    Cardiff Motopoint Areana, Tuesday 29th October 2013 #arcticmonkeys #cardiff

  • Tracks Fernhill: Green light #tracks #DiscoverPressgram

    Tracks fernhill

  • Tracks Fernhill

    Tracks fernhill

    Green light #tracks #DiscoverPressgram

  • View from Peace Park

    Peace park

    There was some blue sky today in the #CynonValley

  • Early morning - Streetlights, Aberdare

    Aberdare streetlights

  • Bar One

    Bar one

  • Sunset over Cardiff Bay

    Cardiff bay sunset

  • Cardiff Bay

    Millennium centre

    Millennium Centre

  • Fish and chips

    Fish chips

    Fish and chips, Rhoswenallt Inn

  • Abergavenny Food Festival

    Abergavenny food festival

    Buying Welsh Cakes!

  • Vietnamese Summer Roll

    Vietnamese summer roll

    Vietnamese tofu summer roll at the Abergavenny Food Festival

  • Severn Bridge

    Dreadful weather crossing the Severn Bridge

  • Pint of Bullshit

    Sweet potato and fig tagine - plus a pint of Bullshit

  • Shakespearean character

    Stained glass at the RSC Theatres

  • Swan Theatre stage

    Stage set for opening of Titus Andronicus

  • Titus Andronicus

    Some light-hearted entertainment lined up for tonight!

  • Wild Beaver

    I haven't (yet) taken up the offer...

  • The bright day is done...

    Evening meal all done and posted! Can tell we're staying in Shakespeare's county :)

  • Apple dessert, White Swan

    Apple samosa, cinnamon panna cotta, apple sorbet, poached apples, toffee apple purรฉe - White Swan, Stratford-upon-Avon #food

  • Plaice main, White Swan

    Poached plaice in burnt caraway noisette, crayfish tortellini, saffron spiced white radish, candied lemon - White Swan, Stratford-upon-Avon #food

  • Salmon main, White Swan

    Pan roast salmon, mussels & cocoa bean chowder - White Swan, Stratford-upon-Avon #food

  • Quail starter, White Swan

    Pan roast quail breast, confit leg, Scotch quail egg, spring onions, quinoa, radish - White Swan, Stratford-upon-Avon #food

  • King prawn and chorizo linguine

    Rhoswenallt Inn evening meal

  • Usk Castle

    Trotsky at Usk Castle

  • Giant Hogweed

    Giant Hogweed at Usk Castle

  • Rhod Gilbert

    Last night's entertainment was excellent!

  • Moon and Chinese lantern

    Moon and Chinese lantern over Green Man Festival #greenman13

  • Red berries

    Red berries in a sea of knotweed

  • Yes, #Pressgram has arrived - my first quick photo test! #photography


  • Lindos Amphitheatre and Acropolis

    156117 climber 08 06 2013 13 07 16

  • Lindos

    156110 ianam 1375783271457

  • Rooftop cafe in Lindos.

    156106 sprinter 08 06 2013 12 56 37

  • But for a brighter view I can always look up from the table! #bbccricket #bbcashes

    155288 ianam 1375705230310

  • This is what my grey and white (like the DRS!) world looks like now #bbccricket #bbcashes #ashes


  • …but I can be tempted away

    154708 ianam 1375637761234

  • My Greek beloved…

    154706 ianam 1375637694702

  • Whitebait, fried courgettes, dips #foodphoto


  • Beach outside our apartments at Pefkos, Rhodes.

    Pefkos, Rhodes

  • I don’t make many cakes but second time for this one in 2 weeks - Spiced Olive Oil Cake - - great!

    Spiced olive oil cake

  • Millennium Stadium from up high!

    Millennium stadium

  • Even the snowmen are Villa supporters in Sutton Coldfield!

    Birmingham 20120205 00233

  • Peace Park a little flooded - could have walked along fence, I suppose!

    Peace Park flooded

  • Xmas dinner is over! Sitting down to drink now!

    Xmas Dinner

  • Uploaded a whole batch of photos taken with my phone up to flickr…Green Man 2011, Turkey and more!

  • Throwing Muses at The Gate, Cardiff

    Throwing Muses

  • Julian Cope at The Globe, Cardiff on Saturday night.

    Julian Cope

  • Wales Millennium Centre, pre-Strictly Gershwin


  • Stonehenge - thee days in Wiltshire/Dorset instead of two weeks in Cyprus!


  • Toilet humour still prevalent ;)

    Toilet humour

  • Great looking ground in Mumbai - RT @Aggerscricket: We are in!


  • Dylan Thomas' writing shed and boat house - better pictures will be uploaded to soon!

  • Ready for rugby - 4 pint take-out of Butty Bach, free Wye Valley glass & mat from Red Cow Inn!

    Butty Bach

  • Alfred Hitchcock alive and well in Carmarthen - thousands of starlings!


  • Smoke Fairies at the Green Man Festival last night - in the rain!

    Smoke Fairies

  • Test image from Opera Mini on phone - CenterParcs climbing wall!

    CenterParcs climbing wall

  • Messy hair day!

    Messy hair day

  • On the beach at Weston.

    On the beach at Weston

  • Very bracing and blustery on Sully Island today!

    Sully Island

  • White Horse Hill

    White Horse Hill

  • Had picnic on White Horse Hill - great weather and scenery!

    Picnic on White Horse Hill

  • - Daffodils!


  • - Daffodils!


  • - 2 bbqs in 2 days! Some of it in rain today tho'!


  • - Hay not all about pubs though!


  • - Sunny day!

    Sunny day

  • - Even warm and dry enough to sit outside Kilverts Inn …

    Kilverts Inn

  • - Gravitas.


  • - Beacons snow in April!


  • - Pubs of Hay-on-Wye #1 - staying here!

    Black Lion

  • - Hay pub #2 - sardines, anchovies and Landlord…

    Blue Boar

  • - Rural view from room window - leaning out trying to find a phone signal :(


  • - Hay pub #3 - several beers, including lovely HPA!


  • - First cake I’ve baked in years - made with help of Seren for Denise’s birthday! Carrot cake, in case you’re wondering.

    Den's birthday cake

  • - See - Domesticity at home, laptop in kitchen = multiple tweets…


  • - Sent home because of #uksnow - which has now completely stopped!

    MACS snow

  • - See!!


  • - Early morning snow on 21st December, and a day off work :)


  • - Afternoon snow! More in the gallery at


  • - Then & now :) (Higher quality images at

    Then and now

  • - See, #snow in Aberdare!


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